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Rudy Green's has created 6  Doggy Cuisine Varieties, all made in our commercial kitchen in Kentucky,  of 100% domestic, human edible ingredients that you can actually identify and pronounce! Our food is sold frozen because there are NO preservatives, and we don't use processing methods that kill nutrients just to make it have a longer shelf life.

Our food is ideal to use:

  • a mix-in with kibble for a super nutritious dinner with the variety and flavor your dog craves
  • a meal for a sick or older dog that doesn't want to eat
  • an enticing meal for "Picky Eaters" that get bored with their food
  • an easy, convenient way for you to serve your dog REAL food that's not table scraps and that YOU don't have to cook yourself!

Note: If your dog is allergic to any of the following ingredients, please consult your veterinarian before use. 

Beefy Rice

Beefy Rice - Starting at $49.99/8pk
(lean cuts of prime beef with brown rice, peas and carrots)
Nutrition Facts: Protein 7%, Fat 2%, Fiber 1% - 374 kcal
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Pork, Pasta & Potato

Pork, Pasta & Potato - Starting at $51.12/8pk
(pork loin with rotini pasta, potatoes and celery)
Nutrition Facts: Protein 12%, Fat 2%, Fiber 1% - 367 kcal
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Veggie Might

Veggie Might - Starting at $51.56/8pk
(lentils, barley, spinach, potatoes, peas, corn and carrots)
Nutrition Facts: Protein 4%, Fat 1%, Fiber 4% - 275 kcal
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Chicken & Veggies

Chicken & Veggies - Starting at $51.12/8px
(white meat chicken with brown rice,sweet potatoes and zuchini) Nutrition Facts: Protein 10%, Fat 1%, Fiber 1% - 275 kcal
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Turkey Mac & Cheese

Turkey Mac & Cheese - Starting at $50.81/8px
(ground turkey, macaroni, spinach, carrots and organic cheddar cheese) Nutrition Facts: Protein 7%, Fat 6%, Fiber 1% - 367 kcal
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Holiday Booffet

Holiday Boof-fet - Only available in stores during November and December
(ground turkey, cranberries, carrots and green beans)
Nutrition Facts: Protein 7%, Fat 2%, Fiber 1% - 275 kcal