Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine - Testimonials


testimonial_photoHi Ms. Karla, my name is Bud, or the Budacious, or the Budmeister or....well you get the idea, the Big Guy seems to come up with endless variations. I am writing to thank you for turning me on to Rudy Green's grub. I am a sturdy yellow lab, but with a sensitive stomach, which is another way to say I barf a lot. Anything other than sensitive stomach kibble and I'm headed for the door and usually don't make it. That includes rawhide, most dog treats, fancy canned stuff, you name it... I eat it, I lose it. Then comes Rudy Green's and my gastronomical life takes an upturn. I can eat any one of these as a nightly treats on my kibble and I'm one happy camper. The Big Guy is happy too, I think he was getting tired of the bucket brigade. THANK YOU KARLA, you're a gem!

I'm so glad I picked the Rudy Green's dog food as my raffle prize. Both of my dogs love it -- the puppy and the 11-year-old -- and already breakfast has become an Event around here. I thought you might like to see your dog food at work! This is Thomas expressing his joy about breakfast. View Breakfast Time For Thomas Video.

Dear Ms. Haas -

Wanted to thank you in writing for the incredible Thanksgiving meal you sent over for me. As you probably know, my Dad left me alone for the Holiday so he could go sun himself in Cancun. Left me in lock-up for damn-near six days - I'd hoped he got sunburned or a stomach bug, but no such luck.

I will say, however, that he regained a lot of credibility with me when he plopped down my day-late Buff-Feast you were godo enough to share with me and my man, The Mean and Nimble One. Reminded me of the good home-cooking my Mom used to do when I was just a pup - and knocked me out on the couch the same way too!!!

Anyway, thanks for making my (belated) Thanksgiving so yummy. Gave me good energy to chase the Wild Turkeys this afternoon!

With appreciation and wet, doggie kisses,
Percival T.D. Scott
UK Basketball Coach Cal's trusted companion

Recently my nine-month old rambunctious shi tzsu “Lucy” found her way into my garage and decided to feast on rat poison. Upon our arrival at the emergency animal hospital it was apparent that she was becoming violently ill by the minute. After a long series of treatments the veterinarian came with the bad news, no treatment and little hope of survival. We were told that palliative care was our only option and that death was inevitable. After forty-eight hours of constant surveillance she seemed lifeless but breathing.. Our next hurdle was to have her eat and drink something. Trying to force food and liquids became our hourly battle. It wasn’t until I opened a container of Rudy Greens that she began eating. Within two days and several containers of Rudy Greens later “Lucy” was back to her mischievous self. It is truly my belief that finding Rudy Greens saved her life.

Michelle Garrett

“Blackberry”, my German Wirehaired Pointer is a big part of my life. We compete at multiple AKC events such as obedience, rally, hunt tests, showmanship and agility. He is also a Delta Certified Therapy Dog and loves visiting Southern Indiana Rehab. Hospital. So as you can see, he lives a very active and physically challenging life.
Because of this, I demand excellent nutrition in his diet. I discovered Rudy Green’s Doggy Cuisine and Blackberry and I both agree it is the best nutrition and he loves the taste. I use it as a topping on his dry food and he licks his bowl clean. I would recommend Rudy Green’s to any one that loves their dog and wants the best for them!
Karen Bunch