Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine - The Story of Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine

The Story of Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine

rudygreen0011This company was created and named in honor of a big brown dog named Rudy Green . who was stricken by a bleeding ulcer from altering arthritis medications in July of 2006 at age 14. His normal diet of good quality (senior) dry food, topped with a ration of grocery store brand canned food and occasionally table scraps had to be changed to a special diet. As any good dog mom would do, I cooked exactly what the vet recommended for Rudy each day; beef liver and brown rice. In the interest of fairness and to keep the peace, I fed the other 3 dogs a share of this bounty, atop their normal bed of kibble. The next day as I prepared the meal meant for Rudy, a saliva soaked kitchen floor hosted an audience of 4- enrapt and intently focused on my every move. Dog Dinner Time quickly became an anxiously awaited event. The anticipation, joy and enthusiasm were pure; the gratitude was obvious.

Weeks later Rudy’s ulcer healed, and I was relieved not to slave over an August stove for the brat pack every day. The cuisine du jour gradually returned to kibble ala can. The reviews of which were unanimously unfavorable. With Rudy as their leader, the forces united; depression and malcontent led to random acts of rebellion, ultimately hunger strikes were threatened! Such expression of disappointment finally induced a “doggy guilt trip” strong enough to provoke me to buy expensive and “highest quality” moist foods. Curiously I read dog food labels for the first time – I was puzzled by the names; what exactly is a “prime cuts (with beef) in gravy” dinner for dogs? Ingredient lists had things like by-products and meat meal which required some research to decipher. I was appalled and astounded by what I discovered. Even more remarkable was that my dogs were not only brilliantly adept at group manipulation, but evolved enough to recognize the difference between the culinary equivalence of a happy meal vs. the 7 course prix-fixe at Lutece. This dilemma led me to talk with veterinarians and nutritionists. The consensus confirmed my belief that a high quality dry diet is beneficial for most dogs but real meat, vegetables and grains would be even better. So just like oatmeal is good for humans, the sole consumption of one food, no matter how healthy, can not afford the same physiological benefits as a varied diet. Not to mention the deprivation of one of life’s most sensual pleasures such monotony would cause.

Possessing a passion for food rivaling my love for dogs, I knew what I had to do. With the help of Dr. B and the encouragement of Dr. Hope, and a lot of nutritional research, I came up with recipes to replace the store bought canned foods. I utilized ingredients on sale each week at the grocery and health food store and cooked large batches at a time, freezing individual portions. After each meal was unanimously approved by my “panel of experts”, I sampled them to other dogs whose parents I knew, explaining my theory and sharing the information I had learned. While a few people thought it an absurd ,albeit amusing concept, most were as enthused and intrigued as I. The initial feed trial results were overwhelmingly positive. Every dog that tried it responded just like mine had. This frozen, home cooked, people food for dogs was a huge hit! I sought the counsel of successful business people and information from a variety of resources. Following good advice I did a formal “beta test” or “market study” by giving samples of a valuable novel product to a target audience, asking that they respond anonymously to a SASE questionnaire. My hunch was confirmed by objective consumers that treated their dogs like family.

So I took a big step, wrote a business plan, got a loan (eeks) and created Rudy Green Inc. in August of 06. Destiny has enabled me to place my “People food for Dogs” in several local stores less than a year later. I believe in this product; my motivation comes from my desire to improve the quality of life for as many dogs as possible. My goal is to sell enough RGDC to make the percentage donated to animal shelters significant. I hope that it may even help “raise the bar” for the quality of pet food ingredients in some small way. And I KNOW FOR SURE THAT IT WILL MAKE DOG DINNER TIME a CELEBRATION for the LUCKY DOGS to whom it is served. Like yours maybe?

Story of Rudy Green

Not very long ago, in a land called Florida, there lived a big brown dog named Rudy. Born to a regal bloodline, pedigreed and proud, Rudy was destined to be one of the lucky ones; a highly respected Chocolate Labrador retriever. Naturally, such a handsome pup demanded a large sum, and he was sold to a fine family. His future would certainly be bright and secure… But things don’t always work out the way one would expect and here is where our story begins.

Circumstances arose causing chaos that royalty such as he should not have to endure… The prescreened, fortunate and wealthy family to whom he was sold came upon hard times. In the year 1993, a purebred, house-broken, young, male Chocolate Lab was advertised as “free to a good home” in the Naples Daily News.

Rudy was welcomed warmly by several new owners in a short time, each promising the peaceful and comfortable permanent home he so surely deserved. From house to house he traveled for his first 2 years (by the human calendar), slowly growing distrustful of his constantly changing owners. Yet inside he held fast to his dream, his birthright in fact, that one day he would have a real home and a true person of his own. Soon he was introduced to a lonely fisherman named Tom Green, who like Rudy, yearned for loyalty and companionship. It was a perfect match and they were instantly best friends! Rudy was so happy to have found his person! What a great life this would be he thought; just us 2 buddies hanging out at sea, boating and fishing, playing and swimming and sleeping soundly near one another..

And so it came to pass… Rudy and Tom were inseparable! For almost a whole year (human time) life was good. Rudy no longer roamed alone. Rudy had a home. Rudy had a TAG and a License # and a last name. “Yup, I’m a big brown dog named Rudy Green. And I can do anything!”

Alas things changed. . Tom and Rudy began spending less time together and didn’t fish or play or camp on the beach for days. Tom was bathing a lot more often and he didn’t smell right. He began to go out at night without Rudy. Indeed, Tom had made a new friend. Her name was Janet and she smelled funny too. Not one to judge quickly, Rudy thought: “What the heck”. He wanted Tom to be happy, and he sure seemed to like this Janet lady. So cool- , we can all hang together. A bigger Pack…. The more the merrier! And soon Janet and Tom were married .and MORE IT BECAME. In moved not only the new Mrs. Green, but her 3 small children came too!

The trailer got crowded. At first Rudy just lost bed rights. Then he was told to stay off the couch. He knew what was coming before he heard her yell “ put that damn dog out”. Tom didn’t even seem to care that Rudy was suddenly outside all the time. Roo Roo missed his buddy and his place. He began to go for long walks on his own, pondering the unexpected twist of fate cast upon him. As he roamed alone, he held fast to his dream that one day he would have a real home. So he walked alone again day after day, Until….

One day, quite hungry and tired, he stumbled upon a multi-dog -scented yard. There stood a bright turquoise painted house on a canal. Big wooden gates with dolphins and mermaid carvings allowed a view of the back yard; indeed it was a doggie playground! Dogs of all shapes and sizes were frolicking in this haven without fear and without worry. At the edge of the yard he saw a dock with lots of fishing boats. This looks like a good place to stop in for some grub and companionship he thought, and approached the house sniff by sniff.

The pack announced Rudy’s arrival and soon the door was opened by a young woman who invited him to come in, relax, meet the gang and have a bite to eat. Utilizing all the natural charms he possessed, he wooed the mistress and was introduced to the gang. After the initial screening, he was accepted as a guest-dog by each of the members. He was so elated that hardly even noticed that the lady had removed his collar and was making a phone call with his tags in her hand. “Doggone it”thought Rudy- I should have lost my collar! He listened intently to the conversation that was taking place between the mistress and (yuck) the Animal Control Officer… “Hi, I have another visiting dog. Yes, his tag number is…. Do you have information on him? His name is Rudy Green and lives with Janet and Tom Green at ….? Oh it’s nearby, I’ll contact them and take him home. No problem. Thanks!”

Now he could only hope and pray while she dialed the Green’s phone number. When he heard her leave a message saying “your dog Rudy is here and he is fine, please call me at ------ “ his heart leapt with glee. “Just bought me some time” he thought. Days passed with the lady leaving messages that went unreturned. But soon the call came. Tom and the lady talked and the cold hard truth was confirmed; Rudy wasn’t really wanted at home. The next day Tom Green dropped off Rudy’s pedigree papers and vet records and gave him up for adoption. He would stay here until a good home was found. So this heavenly haven was just a pit stop , a foster home to many dogs over the years that were eventually adopted by new families. For some dogs that may be good enough, but not for Rudy. …

He liked it here and he would do whatever he could to stay. Rudy loved the kind lady and was determined to be with her. And only her. (and whatever other dogs happened to come with the deal) So he put on his best “please I would like to stay” face, placing his big brown head with sad lonely eyes, on the lap of the Miss every chance he could. He was obedient and gentle, loving and gracious; attentive to her every move. Rudy Green was the perfect dog –except when he was introduced to prospective adoptive parents. His bad manners and lack of interest always made a bad first impression. Somehow, it just never worked out. But for Rudy, the plan was working just fine…

At long last, this dog loving lady, who had found homes for hundreds of less attractive, unwanted dogs of undetermined lineage nonetheless, accepted the inevitable, inexplicable and unprecedented twist of fate before her. It was meant to be, him for her and her for he. Rudy had found his home and made it his castle.

And the crowd cheered and danced with glee….
Hail Rudy Green Our King
Chew bones and Biscuits bring.
Of his dog praises sing: He can do anything!

Rah rah rah rudygreen, root tootin rudy green All cheer for roo roo green he rules the rudy scene