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Beefy Bars Snacks
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Your DOG doesn't either...
And it's not natural to limit a diet to processed nuggets from a bag, or mush from a can.  Your dog deserves better! Give your best friend the healthy benefits of real meat, vegetables and whole grains by adding Rudy Green’s all natural doggy cuisine to a dry diet. Rudy Green's Doggy CuisineTM is a delicious human-grade product made from 100% real meat and veggies and contains no "meat meal", by-products, dyes, preservatives or fillers. Ordinary dry dog food may be "completely balanced" but is bland and can be lacking in some of the nutrients found only in real meat, grains, and vegetables. This product comes frozen without any of the additives in canned foods. It can be thawed in your refrigerator or microwave and served warm or cold, as a topping to your dog's dry food or as a special treat.

Rudy Greens products are all sold in clear containers for a reason,   it is so consumers are able see exactly what they are purchasing. In comparison, simular products on the market are packaged like sausage and covered in white plastic,  making it impossible to see the product inside. This is just one of the many examples as to why Rudy Greens Doggie Cuisine is the "clear" choice for your fur kids!

Rudy Green donates 5% of each sale to animal welfare organizations and shelters..

Rudy Green Inc. donates a percentage of profits to local Animal Shelters to help them with their operational costs and to give back to the community.

Ask Karla

Would you like to ask Rudy Green's founder questions about cooking for your dog, pet food quality and dog nutrition?  Now you can courtesy of All Experts.  Dogs have been our companions for 10,000 years. Commercial pet food was created in the 1950s. What were they eating for centuries before kibble was invented??? hmmm.  Ask Karla your questions now by visiting her Ask Experts page.